VFX Paints – Description

  • The VFX Paints are water based and designed for use when shooting visual effect sequences originating on Film and Video, DV and HD formats.
  • The VFX Paint Range is designed to provide a coherent strategy for creating the required environment for shooting Bluescreen visual effects .
  • VFX consists of seven paint colours, which are considered to be the most significant colours for keying.
  • The colour range is Optic Blue & Optic Green, Deep Optic Blue and Deep Optic Green, Digi Blue, Deep Optic Red and Deep Optic Yellow
  • Available in convienently sizes 12.5 kg. (9.0lt.) and 6 kg. ( 4.3lt. ) plastic buckets


  • VFX Paints give excellent coverage and dry to a totally matt non reflective finish.
  • Our VFX Paints are waterbased, produced using pure pigment for high definition colour.
  • As with all Bristol Paints the substrate should be clean and degreased.
  • If a new cloth is being used, priming is recommended prior to application of the VFX Paint
  • Our VFX Paints require a maximum two-coat application for a fast and economic finish Coverage is approximately 8 – 10 m2 per litre, this may vary depending on the porosity of the substate as well as the density of paint applied.
  • VFX Paint can be applied by Brush, roller conventional as well as airless spray systems
  • Studio floors can also be coated. PVC substrates can be coated by using our exclusive water based “high adhesion” painting system.